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Cheryl Katz

Cheryl Katz is the founder, along with her husband, Jeffrey, of C & J Katz Studio, an interior architecture and design firm in Boston.

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The Saving Grace Of Going Gray

By Cheryl Katz

A lot of attention is paid when the choices one makes are noticeably different from the rest of the pack.


When Everyone Has An Apothecary Table

By Cheryl Katz

Perhaps nothing is more revealing than the home we keep. The art, the books, even the dish towels we choose can be very telling. But, asks Cheryl Katz, what happens when everyone has exactly the same stuff?


Bigger Isn’t Better. Smaller Is.

By Cheryl Katz

Living and working in small spaces. Some find it claustrophobic, but Boston-based designer Cheryl Katz says — it gets us closer to what we hold most dear.