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Garry Emmons

After three decades as an editor at Harvard University, Garry Emmons now writes for a variety of publications about business, sports, international affairs and life.

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The Truth About Conspiracy Theories

By Garry Emmons

Perhaps a price we pay for the vigilance democracy requires is to tolerate the cuckoo theories to make room for those that merit further investigation.


What Sport Has The Best All-Around Athletes?

By Garry Emmons

Almost as much fun as watching sports is arguing about them. In that amicably contentious spirit, Garry Emmons weighs in on an argument sports fans love to debate.


Hunt If You Must, But Don't Call It Sport

By Garry Emmons

To call hunting “sport” is more than a misnomer: it’s an imprecision that has the effect of enlarging society’s acceptance of gun use generally.