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John Carroll

John Carroll is a mass communication professor at Boston University and a media analyst for WBUR. He blogs here and here.


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Will Government Regulation Vaporize E-Cigarettes?

By John Carroll

Government officials are rushing toward the regulation of e-cigarettes in the name of public health. But John Carroll suspects there’s an entirely less altruistic motivation at play.


When Television Isn't On TV

By John Carroll

With its new show “Alpha House,” Amazon joins Netflix in producing series for alternative platforms.


Why Sponsored Content Is Bad For Journalism

By John Carroll

“Branded” news is blurring the line between journalism and advertising. It’s a tempting boon for the revenue it brings in — but John Carroll predicts its long term effects will be devastating.

Election 2012

Reality A No-Show In 2012

By John Carroll

Democrats and Republicans can’t conduct rational political discourse this election cycle because there’s no set of facts they mutually agree upon. The result, says commentator John Carroll, is two parallel universes that never intersect.