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John Tirman

John Tirman is executive director and principal research scientist at the MIT Center for International Studies. He is the author of “The Deaths of Others: The Fate of Civilians in America’s Wars.”



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Why Paris?

By John Tirman

France was the epicenter of the Enlightenment that fairly defines Western civilization. And the jihadis, in their reckless, apocalyptic pathology, detest above all such values.

Middle East

Can We Measure The Human Cost Of War?

By John Tirman

These American wars contain an element of Greek tragedy, beginning with hubris and ending with an unconscious, Oedipal urge to blind ourselves to the horror of what we’ve done.


The Second Great Migration

By John Tirman

We should begin to understand who our immigrant population is — where they came from and why, their aspirations, their contributions to American society — in order to help this new (and great) migration succeed for all.