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John Winters

John Winters is an adjunct faculty member at Bridgewater State University. His writing has appeared in Salon, Playboy, The Boston Globe and many other publications.

Latest by John Winters


Kill The Oscars?

By John Winters

Yes, the awards are out of step with the mainstream, but that’s good — and beside the point.


Do Clothes Maketh The Man?

By John Winters

It’s hard to overstate the importance of clothing when it comes to the perceptions of others.


Fighting Money With Money

By John Winters

After the Supreme Court’s decision on McCutcheon v. the FEC, here’s my takeaway: To anyone who favors the general Democratic platform, it’s time to dig deep and pump in that filthy lucre.


Bad Reviews Are Good — And Here's Why

By John Winters

A debate now raging in literary circles centers on the pros and cons of giving negative reviews — as if there is suddenly a moral dimension to pointing out plot holes and bad writing.


The Triumph Of The Trivial

By John Winters

We live in a society where mass communication has become democratized to the point of meaninglessness.