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Kathy Gunst

Kathy Gunst is a 2015 James Beard Award winning journalist. She is the “resident chef” for WBUR’s Here & Now, and the author of 14 cookbooks.

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How To Eat Well The French Way

By Kathy Gunst

After a two-week eating extravaganza in France, I arrived home three pounds lighter. The secret? Just eat like the French do.


The Joy(?) Of Cooking

By Kathy Gunst

What’s your approach in the kitchen? Photo-worthy perfection or stomach-satisfying nourishment? Flawlessness or fulfillment? Precision or joy?


How Cancer Helped Me Appreciate The Moment

By Kathy Gunst

My diagnosis forced me to slow down and simplify my life. The surprising consolation of an otherwise unpleasant life event. But as my health improves, will I remember to take the time?


Great Taste Isn't Enough

By Kathy Gunst

Master chef Thomas Keller says he cares about cooking great food, not about worrying whether it’s local. But Kathy Gunst says in today’s world, that’s the wrong recipe.