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Leah Hager Cohen

Leah Hager Cohen has written five novels and five works of nonfiction. Her book, “I Don’t Know,” was inspired by an essay she wrote for Cognoscenti. She is the Jenks Chair in Contemporary American Letters at the College of the Holy Cross and teaches at Lesley University’s MFA in creative writing program.

Latest by Leah Hager Cohen


Memories From The Lockdown

By Leah Hager Cohen

During the manhunt for the Marathon bombing suspects, people in and around Boston were told to “shelter in place.” Leah Hager Cohen recalls the strangeness of it all.


Go Ahead, Let Your Kids Play Hooky

By Leah Hager Cohen

Skipping a day of school now and then is actually good for kids, says Leah Hager Cohen. Not just for their spirits, but for their education, too.


The Mysterious Power Of The Christmas Tree

By Leah Hager Cohen

O Tannenbaum: A look at its meanings and its perennially controversial status in the public square – and, sometimes, in the privacy of our homes too.


The Courage To Say ‘I Don’t Know’

By Leah Hager Cohen

Too often we fear uttering these words, convinced that doing so will diminish us, will undermine our status and block our advancement.