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Louisa Kasdon

Louisa Kasdon is the author of more than 500 published articles about food, health, and business. She is a contributing editor at The Phoenix and the founder of Let’s Talk About Food.

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Hot Pink Is The New Black

By Louisa Kasdon

I’ve had it with women dressing like hens, wrens and blackbirds. It’s winter, ladies, not a daguerreotype.


Why I Will Miss Locke-Ober

By Louisa Kasdon

At its height and in all its glory, Locke-Ober wasn’t just a restaurant. It was a vehicle for social transformation in a world where there was but one path to success: fitting in.


Let’s Make Soda Uncool

By Louisa Kasdon

With studies showing that sugar-sweetened beverages are making us fat, it’s time to take matters into our own hands.


Organic Food Under Fire? Not So Fast

By Louisa Kasdon

A new study is tarnishing the public perception of organic food. But not so fast, says commentator Louisa Kasdon. She defends organic products and places the movement in a larger context.


Cannibalizing Our Restaurant Community

By Louisa Kasdon

From the Seaport to the suburbs, countless large-scale restaurant construction projects are underway. But, asks commentator Louisa Kasdon, who besides the real estate developers and the leasing agents stands to gain?