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Margot Livesey

Margot Livesey grew up in Scotland. She teaches at Emerson College and is the author of seven novels, including most recently “The Flight of Gemma Hardy.”

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Why Books Make The Best Gifts

By Margot Livesey

While I wander the aisles of my local bookshops, I am pondering more intimate aspects of my friends than their shirt sizes or culinary tastes.


Our Guns, Our Freedom

By Margot Livesey

Some Americans seem confused about the word “freedom.” Laws do not constrain freedom; they enable it. Without laws none of us are free.

Election 2012

Four Women, Four Votes: A Snapshot Of Election Day

By Margot Livesey

From “any excuse to get out” to voting against “euthanasia” — Margot Livesey discovers that even among a like-minded bloc of elderly women, what drives people to the polls is almost always different and almost certainly surprising.


Surprises At The Zoo

By Margot Livesey

Not just for kids, the zoo has important lessons for us all. A recent trip to the London Zoo got author Margot Livesey thinking about the resilience of the animal kingdom.