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Peter May

Peter May is a freelance journalist whose work appears regularly in The New York Times and on He covered the NBA and the Boston Celtics for the Boston Globe for nearly two decades.

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The Right Coach For The Right Team

By Peter May

Thanks in large part to head coach Claude Julien, the Boston Bruins enter the playoffs as the favorite to win the Stanley Cup.


UMass Football’s Growing Pains

By Peter May

UMass promised “national excellence and prominence” when it transitioned to the Mid-American Conference and the Football Bowl Subdivision. But two years later, the only recognition the football program is getting is for its pathetic record.


The World In Black And White

By Peter May

On the day Kennedy was shot, the cover of Sports Illustrated arrived in black-and-white. It was like they knew. Or at least that’s what I remember thinking as a kid.


In Wake Of Scandal, Harvard Sends Mixed Messages

By Peter May

Harvard says it is taking a recent investigation into widespread cheating very seriously. But sportswriter Peter May says by buffering student athletes, the university is sending a very different message.