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Renée Loth

Renée Loth writes about news, politics and architecture for Cognoscenti. Her column appears regularly. She is also the editor of Architecture Boston magazine, and a columnist for The Boston Globe.

Latest by Renée Loth

Election 2016

It's Time To Stop Laughing At Donald Trump

By Renée Loth

Up until now, it’s been tempting to dismiss Trump as harmless entertainment on the long dull road to the presidential nomination. But his campaign has become more dangerous than that.


Saving Gamblers From Themselves

By Renée Loth

If the state really wants to discourage its residents from gambling away their paychecks and attract high-rolling outsiders instead, it might take a lesson from Singapore.


Designing For Disaster

By Renée Loth

Most of our so-called ‘natural’ disasters are at least partly man made: Sandy is just the most recent example. Architects, engineers, and designers are often ahead of the curve, but we’ve got miles to go to prepare for future ‘acts of God.’


Bricks To Brutalism To … Bland

By Renée Loth

Historic Boston was built of brick, a legacy that gave way in the ’60s to the so-called Brutalist style – and now to big, boring boxes. But, Renee Loth wonders, is there a better way?