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Sharon Brody

WBUR News anchor Sharon Brody once roamed the Brody Beat for WFNX-FM and has contributed essays to media outlets including Marketplace, Monitor Radio and The Boston Phoenix.

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The Real Reason We Need The Olympics

By Sharon Brody

Some supporters of Boston 2024 tout the economic benefits and the prestige. Sharon Brody has a more basic reason. Herewith, she flushes out her alternative rationale.


The Nature Of Worry

By Sharon Brody

Worrying is folly. It represents a flailing effort to gain, or to pretend to gain, some power over the unpredictable comings and goings of life.


Hail To The Chief … Or Don't

By Sharon Brody

Against all odds, there was one commander in chief my POTUS-obsessed son didn’t seem to respond to. But why?


Newtown: How To Speak When There Are No Words

By Sharon Brody

When tragedy strikes and children are among the victims, nothing compares. Language fails in the wake of such senselessness. But parents also understand that their own kids might need some help finding their way.


The Grump's Guide To Giving Thanks

By Sharon Brody

Feeling a little tense? Yes, Thanksgiving can do that to you. Sharon Brody offers that there are at least six redeeming features of, as she calls it, the “harvest wingding.”


How To Deliver A Child To College

By Sharon Brody

Getting ready to drop your progeny off at the college of his/her choosing? Contributor Sharon Brody offers some helpful hints to guide you through a smooth and dignified delivery.


Soundtrack Of The Diamond

By Sharon Brody

Just amble by a neighborhood ballpark on a muggy summer night. You’ll hear it: ritualized incantations of unwavering support. Together they create a chorus of positivity.