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Simon Waxman

Simon Waxman is managing editor of Boston Review and a contributor to the Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, American Prospect and others.

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Pete Seeger’s Radical Simplicity

By Simon Waxman

By making and promoting music that anyone could learn, Seeger sought the ultimate democratic ideal: the erasure of all boundaries to participation.


A Child Who Kills Is Still A Child

By Simon Waxman

The requirement that minors accused of first-degree murder be tried as adults is an affront to reason and a challenge to the separation of juvenile and adult justice.


Boston City Hall: A Riposte

By Simon Waxman

If the mayor cooled his heels in the Villa Savoye or the Sydney Opera House, would you feel better about standing in line for an hour to contest a parking ticket or register a business?


In Defense Of My Generation

By Simon Waxman

The media seems enthralled by the narrative that millennials just won’t grow up. But beyond the ever-shifting stereotypes about “kids these days,” there’s not much evidence to suggest the current crop of 20-somethings are all that different from their predecessors.